Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Michelle "Life Coach" Dooley gives advice to Off In Public's Cisco on how to make his life a little sillier: "Start with something only sort of silly, like a T-Shirt party." Posted by Picasa

michelle Dooley is the best damn player on the team. She is my cousin. Michelle kick butt, It's the one who likes Dr. Pepper.
Michelle wants to be Champion. She's the best kicker on the team. She is a wonderful team mate. If any one derserves to be the funniest person. It's michelle. She does a great impersonation of Sandra Bullock. She actually looks like her. She is the best there ever will be.
Michelle Dooley is better than you rusty wranglers wannnabe's. She takes no crap from anybody. And she take's no prisoners. So win.
T-Shirt party, aye? I'll look into it. Great seeing everyone in Boston!
You really ought to try and get a life-
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