Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Raindrops keep fallin on my head

The games this week were rained out. boo hoo! 80s Rock Star Night will have to wait.

But I didn't want the Wrangler fans to feel sad for not receiving their weekly update from the team, so here is a little hello from your favorite cowboys and girls:


Next week is a bye week, which will be even more sad, because no one likes 2 weeks away from their favorite friends! But it will only make our reunion that much sweeter. (Although I will actually be out of town when we return to the fields on May 25. That's triple sad. But let's not dwell on that.) And actually, we'll see each other this Saturday night at Durkin's! Don't miss it because you've already paid for it. Part of our league fees go to throwing these parties, so you might as well drink what you've already paid for. Plus, $3 of everyone's admission goes to Children's Memorial Hospital.

Saturday night is the party at Durkin's, all you care to drink 8pm-11pm.
Just $10 for Wranglers and $17 for their friends.

I told Dave that for 10 bucks, even I might get liquored. So you won't want to miss what has become (unofficially) a tri-annual, sometimes pent-annual, event: T-DIX GETS DRUNK. It's quite a sight if you've never witnessed it in the past. I get very chatty and silly. Sometimes I even speak Spanish. And sometimes I even sing church songs. Cheerleader high kicks are a must, as are good old-fashioned ass-slappings. If you are extremely averse to bruised buttocks, I suggest you employ some sort of butt padding, like perhaps bicycle shorts or even wads of Charmin toilet paper like that little kid in the commercial who knows he's about to get spanked. I CAN'T WAIT!

And then at 11pm we'll blow that popsicle stand, and the WAKA band camp convention, and go somewhere else (Hidden Shamrock?) This will be a game-time decision.

I wish all of our out-of-town Wrangler supporters could be there to have fun with us. Maybe someday we'll have a big reunion. Or I guess it would actually be just a "union" on account of lots of people never having met before. OK, that's all!

love you!
The Cap'n

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