Thursday, May 26, 2005


Finally, a Blue Jumpsuit Award

Well, let's just say I'd welcome this week's Blue Jumpsuit recipient to my Jungle any day of the week! Honestly, this was a rare night for the BJ committee, as it was a unanimous decision before the first pitch was even rolled. Behind the plate stood the most rare WAKA specimen the BJ Committee's ever seen. Much like Jenny Finch on the Softball Field, she was a giant amongst midgets and a rarity to Kickball Nation. Thus, to pay homage, I crown the "It's" catcher (Lita?) the inaugural recipient of the Jenny Finch Award. (Note: I'm avoiding the obvious "Is it In You" Joke here, and man is it ever tempting)
And of course, in true tradition, there must be a Blue Jumpsuit award which goes to second base/relief pitcher short Indian girl. This cutie is surely a lock for the BJ award any other week but unfortunately a second fiddle to Lovely Lita.
Until next week,
Josh McKnight, BJ Award Committee Founder and President

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